The inevitable, gruelling transition back to functional adult life following the giddy, alcohol-drenched festivities of Bloodstock Open Air is seldom a seamless and easy adjustment. An experience not dissimilar to Tom Hanks’ psychologically crippling return to civilisa...

Despite the glaring expanse of empty space on a stage occupied by a mere two musicians, the sheer enormity of MANTAR’s dusky, crushingly distorted presence is an eardrum-pulverising wonder to behold. And between the sizeable gulf separating flawlessly synchronised drum...

As the heady, intermingled aroma of fermented sweat and lukewarm lager rises reeking from a pit already crammed with sunburnt, feverishly perspiring bodies, the less than majestic scene awaiting SEPTICFLESH this afternoon gives precious little indication of the epic ca...

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