November 7, 2019

The Friday night beers have long been flowing profusely here at the Black Heart tonight and the venue’s close, windowless attic confines are all but plunged into a state of impenetrable darkness barely relieved by a few meagre beams of pallidly colourless light visibly...

At the risk of adopting the sort of nonsensical, overblown rhetoric famously associated with a certain, less-than-verbally-adept US president, the sheer scale and enormity - ‘bigness’, if you will - of Hate’s intensely vicious, ritualistic craft is the first thing you’...

In a frantic tsunami of densely chugging riffs and banshee shrieks, British extreme metal legends Akercocke are quick to ensnare the full, undivided focus of fans from the get-go. With ‘Horns of Baphomet’s’ lunging, serpentine contortions and tortured screams taking am...

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