This humble webzine rarely pulls any punches when it comes to hitting you with some of the most uncompromisingly brutal and caustic listening material known to humanity. But if you thought last month’s edition of ‘Anthems’ was loaded with deeply disquieting, no-holds-b...

Last we checked, the world was still very much in the metaphorical toilet, with news of rapidly climbing COVID-19 infection rates killing off whatever tiny glimmer of fragile, tentative hope we might’ve had for the revival of our beloved live music scene. But hey, at l...

Among the many vibrantly entertaining pastimes and pleasures that COVID-19 has cruelly robbed us of in recent months, there’s none we metalheads miss more acutely than the rowdy, adrenaline-fuelled thrills and spills of live music. The tense electricity of a crowd seco...

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