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  • Review by Faye Coulman


Image by Svein Erik Nomeland

Black metal aggressors The 3rd Attempt have unleashed the first blistering offering to be extracted from epic new full-length ‘Egocidal Path’. Taking the shape of a suitably grim and self-destructively inclined lyric video, ‘I’ll Do It Now’ finds these diabolical Norwegians on ripping and intensely atmospheric form.

Across relentlessly energised stints of grave-scented tremolo, brimstone-scorched groove and ghoulish vocal contortions that abound with diabolical vibrations, newly-unleashed slab ‘I’ll Do It Now’ is gloriously drenched in intensity of the darkest calibre imaginable. With its coldly immersive layers of knife-edged shredding and insanely paced clusters of battering percussion, the band’s illustrious second wave origins are prominently apparent throughout this vicious choice cut. But from the dusky hues of melancholia that tinge its lacerating fretwork to the wintry swell of choirs that swamp the senses in deathly majesty, I’ll Do It Now’ equally displays a unique personality that’s distinctly separate from the band's former, high-profile ties with Carpathian Forest.

Melding and interweaving these varying shades of darkness with seamlessly instinctive ease that sees each respective dynamic palpably crackle with adrenaline, be among the first to sample their inimitable brand of Nordic darkness first-hand at the following link…

'Egocidal Path' is out now on Dark Essence Records

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