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  • Sarah Stubbs


From relentlessly battering and brimstone-scorched black metal to crushing, beautifully orchestrated doom that palpably reeks of the grave, Dark Matter rounds up some of the Russian label’s finest recent exports…


Frequently classified as: Black metal

Hailing from: Switzerland

For fans of: Dark Funeral, Watain, Mayhem

With a sound that’s rich in ceaselessly battering aggression and insanely paced whorls of tremolo, it’s no surprise that Enoid pinpoints “inexorable brutality” as their primary point of appeal. But while there’s no doubting the dizzyingly aggressive pleasure to be savoured here in spades, the impeccably engineered precision with which these brimstone-scorched dynamics are handled makes clear that this is no simple and primitive exercise in aggression.

Glistening with all the coldly majestic presence of Dark Funeral, new outing ‘Livssyklus & Dodssyklus’ sees every thorny whorl of tremolo and battering blast cleanly audible and crackling with electrifying clarity. With its tautly muscular tangles of fretwork seething like a writhing nest of agitated vipers, diabolical choice cut ‘Riruop’ delivers tantalising levels of suspense in a sudden percussive break that’s finally enveloped in a blindingly aggressive finale of screams. Strategically placed, too, are the explosive clusters of blastbeats that punctuate this wondrously unpredictable beast of a stand-out, while ‘Erviv’s’ swaggering grooves add darkly mesmeric magnetism to its grimly unrelenting, monochrome throes. Peaceful and grounded neutrality this is not...


Frequently classified as: Death metal

Hailing from: Spain

For fans of: Decapitated, Nile, At The Gates