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  • Review by Faye Coulman

Watch an exclusive clip from upcoming 'Lords of Chaos' black metal biopic

Ahead of the official release of 'Lords of Chaos' in UK cinemas this Friday, Dark Matter webzine is proud to preview an exclusive clip from the much talked-about black metal biopic.

Based on the notorious book by Didrik Søderlind and Michael Moynihan, 'Lords of Chaos' charts the bloody, controversy-courting genesis of Norwegian black metal in vivid and unflinchingly graphic detail. Set against an ultra-violent backdrop of clashing egos, gratuitous vandalism and bloodshed, creator Jonas Åkerlund’s directorial vision follows Mayhem founder Euronymous's relentless quest to revolutionise a jaded metal scene by the most ruthless and uncompromising means imaginable.

Comments Åkerlund:"Based on truth and lies, Lords of Chaos is a coming of age story of a band of brothers with the right intentions, heading in the wrong direction. There’s rock n roll, youth, love, and death—woven through an incredibly dark story."

'Lords of Chaos' hits UK cinemas Friday 29th March 2019

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