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REVIEWED: Workshed (Self-titled)

Here's a question for you – why did you get into extreme music? Was it because you are a clever clogs who enjoys counting time signatures? You lying twat, 2/10 for you (although you'd probably enjoy that, you weirdo). Connecting with the emotional truth in the music? You're getting there. Big fat dirty riffs that scared you but thrilled you at the same time? Now we're getting somewhere. Mark Wharton and Adam Lehan as drummer and guitarist in Cov legends Cathedral were instrumental in helping to establish part of the broad church of doom we know today. And by fuck is their raucous take on doom welcome as they rampage out of the speakers with a ramshackle sound that's held together by the thrilling energy of its vitriol, equal parts crawling venom and out and out fury.

So yeah, you probably need a bit more information on how this sounds, right? Well, gather up your old crust records and imagine them slugging it out blow for blow with Entombed to a near-stand still. That should do you. Lehan barks like a bulldog over a churning thudding soundtrack with a level of contempt for eardrums. Saying Workshed are robust is somewhat of an understatement. The riffs are tar thick, the vocals sound like angry puking after treating gravel like bubblegum and the general atmosphere is one that could be described as rumbustious, but more accurately described as a fucking racket.

'The Windowpanes At The Lexington' bounds out of the traps with a cro-magian swagger clubbing everything in site, and doesn't let up until 'Anthropopobic' lurches into view three tracks later: a simmering volcano that chokes and builds into every eruption like the bastard son of Crowbar. Or cousin. 'On Sticks Of Wood' is a catchy number with a near out-of-control riff that practically demands to headbang to. 'It Doesn't Have To be That Way' closes out the album in style, a screaming freight train of riffs and screeching leads. To say Workshed are robust is an understatement. They're tough as old boots, and that's just the way we like it.


'Workshed' is out now via Rise Above Records

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