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  • Report by Sarah Stubbs

Enthroned 'Cold Black Hearts' tour hits UK shores

Riding high on the waves of success whipped up by latest blistering opus Cold Black Suns, black metal stallions Enthroned made an epic return this year with their new album and are now set to unleash a maelstrom of malevolent extreme sound across Europe. The highly anticipated Cold Black Hearts tour has already kicked off in Vienna and will take in Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, France and Belgium, featuring sterling support from similarly crazed hellions Schammasch and Caronte.

Any serious black metal fan worth their spiked leather cherishes the name Enthroned. Hailing from deepest Belgium, the tortured troupe have suffered some painful setbacks in their 26-year history, but ever since breakout masterstroke Prophecies of Pagan Fire have emerged from every misfortune stronger than ever, with one bone-chilling classic release after another, and come to encapsulate all that is great – and ultimately unnerving – about the genre. Occupying that particular shadowy enclave of the underground known only to the initiated, Enthroned have scratched out a suitably satanic niche for themselves with their potent brand of poison-tipped distortion, galloping beats and dusky-draped melody, all shot through with ominous insight from their demonic adherence to the philosophy of the Left Hand Path. The majestic backdrop of frosted atmospherics is the icing on a very scorched slab burnished in the same brimstone-blackened fires that nurtured Gorgoroth, Immortal and Emperor.

Dark Matter, for one, are delighted to the depths of our sullied black hearts that Enthroned are returning to the UK and very much look forward to bringing you all the brutal blackened highlights of their London show.

Enthroned will be playing the following UK dates and venues:

6th January 2020 @ The Dome, London

7th January 2020 @ Rebellion, Manchester

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