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Genre-smashing extreme metal collective Sanguinem unveil colossal new single 'Fragments of Nothing'

London death metal mob Sanguinem are set to unleash a fresh slab of pulverising, intricately layered carnage this month in the shape of genre-smashing new single, ‘Fragments of Nothing’. Comprising an intensely hostile blend of colossal, weightily pulverising groove, airily lacerating guitar leads and bristling tremolo capped off with unimaginably caustic, vocal cord-liquefying screams, this soon-to-be-unleashed offering finds the UK aggressors on brutal, impeccably orchestrated form.

Citing influences as varied as Sepultura and Obituary as pivotal reference points underpinning their ever-evolving sonic arsenal, ‘Fragments…’ numbers the first newly-forged material to be unveiled since 2022 debut ‘Solitude’. Striking a tautly manipulated balance of synapse-scorching hostility and melody-infused complexity spanning everything from gargantuan, densely churning grooves to sleek, majestically unfurling fretwork, the year 2024 marks the beginning of a fresh lease of intense creative activity for the ambitious UK collective.

“We were looking to release an EP but there’s been a turn of events so now we are planning a full-length album,” reports founder and lead riffmaster Geos Letona of the forthcoming material. “Secondly, yes! This single will be part of it, there may be another single or two along the way before the full album, we will see, but the material is there. We have the title and the artwork ready for the album too.”

Paired with an equally dark and engrossing lyrical dimension, this brutally energised banger sources inspiration from the all too relevant and timely issue of modern technology and its all-consuming hold on every aspect of human life circa 2024. An influence that, arguably, detracts increasingly from the quality of our social interactions and human experiences, not to mention its troubling implications for our ability to function as autonomous beings independent of the aforementioned technologies.

Of this thought-provoking lyrical content, Letona comments: “In 'Fragments of Nothing,' we aimed to depict the pervasive influence of technology, particularly social media platforms, on modern society. Our goal was to illustrate how these platforms can disconnect people from reality, fostering a false sense of fulfilment while hindering genuine engagement with the beauty of real life, nature, and the self.”

'Fragments of Nothing' is out 18th March 2024

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