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  • Words by Faye Coulman

Swedish black metal collective Mephorash unleash ghoulishly entrancing new single 'I Am'

Swedish occult black metal conjurers Mephorash have unveiled a brand new single and music video in the ghoulishly entrancing shape of deliciously sinister new smash, 'I Am'. Sourced from soon-to-be-released third opus ‘Krystl-Ah’, this sonically immense yet subtly restrained epic pairs an intricate tapestry of abrasive textures and energies together with a mind-altering music video that vividly evokes all the blood-drenched, ritualistic horror for which these visionary Scandinavians are fast becoming notorious.

Plunging the viewer headlong into a fiery, interdimensional abyss that’s liberally furnished with generous lashings of blood and brimstone-scorched carnage, this deeply disquieting track takes ample time to lure and entrance the listener into its densely layered wealth of eerie, coldly reverberating atmospheres. Above a turbulent mass of bristling tremolo and mesmeric, weightily thudding beats reminiscent of an ancient ritual sacrifice, a darkly swelling flurry of occult chants and larynx-scalding screams are here unleashed to chilling cinematic effect. Manipulating its various transitions from suspenseful episodes of sultry, ghoulishly echoing soundscapes through to towering crescendos of searing, monstrously elongated riffs and corrosive screams, ‘I Am’ comprises a skilfully layered and absorbing slab of sonic extremity.

Comments the band: “The video is a very proud monument of ours, as it is completely envisioned, directed, filmed and edited by our own hands, except for a few visual effects made by Lokavision. It has always been our goal to be in total control of the creative process and making this music video completely ourselves is a big stepping stone towards that. We truly hope all of our fans will enjoy this premiere as much as we did creating both the song and the video. Shem ha mephorash!"

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